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Built on Privacy-First Commitments

Helping businesses build trust with people by Privacy-by-Design solutions

Our Story

PrivacyPillar is a consumer data privacy solutions company on a mission to empower consumers while protecting and growing businesses.

Unlike the competition that uses scare tactics to sell ineffective “compliance” services, PrivacyPillar offers businesses the ability to leverage the “Power of Permission” to capture more and higher quality data, provide their customers with a better experience and capitalize on increased credibility while avoiding the anxiety and fines associated with non-compliance.

We are truly invested in our customers’ success and provide them with robust, affordable and easy-to-use solutions. PrivacyPillar is fast becoming the most trusted name in consumer data privacy.


For us, Data Privacy is a fundamental human right. And we create trustworthy brands that respect consumer privacy.

Dharmesh Patel

Founder & CEO

Kashyap Vyas

Founder & COO

Boyd Stough

Head of Partnership

With this idea, we built PrivacyPillar.


By 2026, PrivacyPillar is the world’s best-selling, most trusted consumer data privacy solutions provider for small businesses and nonprofits.


Empower consumers while protecting and growing businesses by providing our clients with the most robust, most user-friendly consumer data privacy solutions in the world.

Core Values