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Grow your Ad revenue with IAB TCF 2.2 Compliance.

Take control of your consumer data with TCF 2.2 by IAB with PrivacyPillar's industry-leading solution, enabling data transparency, ensuring regulatory compliance, and scaling ad revenue for your business with consumer trust.

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What is TCF 2.2?

The IAB Europe's Transparency & Consent Framework (TCF) provides guidelines for the digital advertising industry to ensure transparency, consent, and user control in collecting and processing personal data for targeted advertising purposes

Latest Advertising Framework

Enhanced User experience

Mandatory regulatory compliance

Is TCF 2.2 good for Ad Publishers?

Publishers and Third-party Vendors

TCF 2.2 standardizes collaboration between publishers and vendors for data privacy compliance. It enhances privacy and offers users better choices regarding their personal data use in advertising. The Framework simplifies consent requirements by standardizing consent information sharing with vendors.

Transparency and Compliance

TCF 2.2 enables GDPR and ePrivacy Directive compliance. Personal data collection now requires clear communication and valid user consent. Legitimate interest can no longer be used for targeted advertising or content personalization.

More Ad Revenue

With TCF 2.2, publishers control vendors' legal basis and data collection disclosure to users, ensuring privacy compliance while generating ad revenue. Publishers can set vendor restrictions for data handling and delivery of relevant, personalized ads to boost engagement and revenue.

User Consent Control

TCF 2.2 aims to give users more control over their personal data and advertising interactions. It increases transparency and user-friendliness by providing clear data collection, usage, and retention information. Additionally, users can easily change or withdraw consent and exercise their rights under data privacy laws.

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TCF 2.2 has many complex requirements, but we streamlined your implementation and compliance. Safeguard online advertising, collect consent with trust, and scale your business with PrivacyPillar's Privacy-by-Design solutions.

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