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Embracing the Power of Permission with Cookie Consent

Deliver seamless consent experience, collect first-hand data, and drive revenue while building customer trust with PrivacyPillar's Cookie Consent Management.

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Exclusive Features

Complying with the Cookie Law

Website Audit

Utilize our cutting-edge scanning tools to thoroughly investigate tags, trackers, pixels, and beacons from first- and third-party sources.

Customize Banners

Create a consent banner that seamlessly blends with your website's design, ensuring a positive user experience while adhering to worldwide privacy laws.

Multi-platform Integration

Simplify cookie banner deployment with integrations and plugins for popular Content Management Systems (CMS), Tag Managers, and other systems.

One Centralized Dashboard

PrivacyPillar's Cookie Consent helps you identify and monitor tracking technology across multiple domains, including hidden pages and user journeys, to comply with regulations.

Consent Preference

Google Consent Mode: No Code Required!

PrivacyPillar & Google Tag Manager lets you use GTM Community Template Gallery configurations. These templates are pre-configured for a particular tag; if you decide to convert it, it requires minimal manual intervention.

Getting Customer Data With Permission

Taking permission from your customer will go a long way! Get first-hand data, run effective marketing campaigns, and grow your business.

Audit and auto-block unauthorized cookies and similar tracking technologies.

Enhance the user experience with built-in, regional, cross-device, In-App consent options.

Demonstrate transparency and build trust with consent records and continuous privacy compliance.

Prove compliance by recording user consent with PrivacyPillar's Session Recordings.

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Cookie consent is agreeing to, rejecting, or specifying the utility of cookies on a website. Consumer Data Privacy Laws like GDPR, CCPA, or VCDPA, require that websites give users options for what purposes cookies are used, if any, as they access a site.

The GDPR requires online businesses and websites to only collect, process, or analyze data after the individual has given their explicit agreement to the specific usage of cookies. This is the most used legal foundation that allows the website to collect, process, and analyze personal data using cookies.

A cookie consent manager is a solution that manages a website's process of collecting and storing a users consent for the collection of data through cookies. Cookie consent is not only necessary for transparency and best practices, but depending on local regulations, it may be required.

Yes, it is mandatory to comply if your website uses cookies for collecting, processing, and analyzing the personal information of an Individual residing in a state or a country with effective Data Privacy Law. GDPR, CCPA, VCDPA, and many others, require online businesses to disclose the specific purpose of using cookies on their websites.

A cookie consent banner is a notice displayed on websites upon the user's visit, asking for consent to use specific cookies to track and collect their data. The cookie consent banner is mandatory for all websites operating within or targeting individuals residing in states or countries where Data privacy laws have come into effect.

Yes - under Data Privacy laws like GDPR, Cookies IDs are considered personal data. When a user gives their consent to the website for using cookies, a cookie ID gets installed within the browser, which collects and processes behavior. This helps Data analyzers to use cookies IDs to comprehend the user's personal information and retarget with adverts.


Cookie blocking is when a user's browser blocks cookie script from being installed. This can be done either by the user by declining the Cookies Consent Banner or at the browser level.

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