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Chamber of Commerce Partner Program

Protect your chamber while generating non-dues revenues by providing your members with comprehensive consumer data privacy management.

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Join the 30,000+ websites trusting PrivacyPillar

Exclusive Features

Complimentary PrivacyPillar plan for your chamber

10% Discount for Chamber Members

Schedule a free consultation call with one of our privacy experts to gain an in-depth understanding of your privacy stance.

10% Non-Dues Revenue to Chamber

Get a plan for implementation that ties your budget, goals, and stakeholders together.

Marketing assets you can use to educate your members

Maintain regulatory risk mitigation while expanding your privacy program.

Why Choose PrivacyPillar for your Chamber of Commerce?

Chambers are not exempt Just because you’re a nonprofit does not mean that you are immune from abuse or exempt from lawsuits. It’s just as important for your chamber of commerce to comply with privacy regulations as it is for your business members. You don’t need to be an expert

Privacy laws and regulations are constantly evolving, and the risk of non-compliance can lead to legal troubles and costly lawsuits.

PrivacyPillar keeps a close eye on your data privacy practices, alerting you to any potential risks or compliance gaps.

Stay up to date with the requirements of various states to ensure compliance - regardless of where your website visitors are located - and reduce the potential legal risks associated with privacy violations.

No staff? No problem!

PrivacyPillar understands the unique challenges faced by small organizations & small business owners.

Our solutions are designed to be user-friendly, affordable, and scalable to meet your specific needs. With PrivacyPillar, your chamber members can automate privacy compliance efforts, saving time and resources.

Let technology handle the complexities while your members focus on growing business.

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Special Offer: Up to 30% Discount for Chamber of Commerce Members!

As a valued member of the Chamber of Commerce, we are pleased to offer an exclusive discount of up to 30%. Don't miss this opportunity to build an exceptional customer experience while being compliant with privacy laws.