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Empower your financial tech platform with just a few clicks.

The most valuable financial advice can only be given with the customer's explicit consent.

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Is your valuable financial data safe?

A financial services employee on average has access to 11 million files, of which 64% are highly sensitive data.

Cyberattacks and a lack of privacy infrastructure present enormous risks.

Eliminate unauthorized access and comply with fintech regulations. Increase your organization's efficiency and credibility.

Enforce opt-out and mitigate compliance errors.

Businesses should honor opt-out requests on all platforms for better customer engagement. Use PrivacyPillar for easy integration and to support individual data privacy rights.

Central Data Visibility

Organize financial data effortlessly with data discovery and improve daily operations. Locate data across the organization and validate authorized user identities with a comprehensive data governance system.

Personalized Privacy Center

Customers want personalized services and better data protection. Implement identity control measures that align with user profiles, preferences, locations, and consent to enhance engagement and build trust.

Accurate Privacy Request Management

Automating data verification and tracking allows for prompt responses and improved metrics while reducing the risk of fines. Pre-designed workflows can handle deletion and updating tasks for data subject requests.

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We at PrivacyPillar understand that every business is unique. And that's why we provide customizable compliance that simplifies privacy operations for every business requirement, so you pay what you need.