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VCDPA Compliance is the latest business requirement - Mobile and Desktop

Virginia's Consumer Data Protection Act is a comprehensive legislation safeguarding consumer data privacy.

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Statewide Enactment

Virginia's VCDPA regulates businesses collecting data from over 100,000 individuals annually or earning 50% of income from data sharing must comply.

Strengthened Data Privacy

Virginia residents have privacy rights and can request personal data held by companies which must protect their data and inform them of their rights.

VCDPA Enforcement

The VCDPA has exceptions and exemptions. Businesses have 30 days to correct faults and comply. Violations may result in a fine of $7500 per infraction.

Comprehensive management of opt-out requests.

Companies that fall under the legislation of the VCDPA must provide their customers with an easy and accessible opt-out solution. Your customers should be able to opt out of selling and sharing personal data, including the data shared with third-party advertising and marketing service providers.

Virginia's privacy law: the gateway to build consumer trust.

Manage data governance and secure data for VCDPA compliance and authorized access with PrivacyPillar's privacy solutions.

Simplify the handling of data subject access requests (DSARs) by streamlining the process from authentication to fulfillment.

Allows customers to choose implied or explicit consent to maintain compliance with VCDPA and all other global data privacy laws.

Helps businesses stay ahead of the evolving data privacy laws and ensure VCDPA and global compliance.

Ensures efficient management of DSARs for a timely response, as required by the VCDPA.

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